The ceremony of awarding of winners of the competition “TOP-10 of 2016” will be held within the Forum among the Russian manufacturers for current achievements in the development of light industry innovative products which will set future trends for the development of the industry.

The exposition of the Forum is dedicated to recent developments and achievements of domestic light industry with regard to high-technology products with vast scope of application and designed to familiarize the visitors with the achievements of Russian light industry in the sphere of manufacturing of clothing, footwear, protection means, leather, materials for medical and industrial purposes, home textiles.

In partnership with the group of companies “HeadHunter”, the corner “Job” will work at the platform of the Forum where the participants will be able to consult concerning the process of employees searching as well as take a special offer of the leading recruitment agency.

For the first time a range of workshops held by Russian and international experts for the employees of light industry enterprises will take place within the Forum 2016.
Training events will allow listeners to familiarize themselves with the experience of recognized professionals and gain practical instruments to apply them in business.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

10:00 «PR workshop for light industry companies»
12:15 HeadHunter Workshop for HR departments «Personnel for light industry» The workshop supported by the group of companies “HeadHunter” invite for participation the heads of HR departments where the specialists of the leading Russian company of internet recruiting will tell about the labour market condition within the industry and modern tools of employees searching. They will answer the questions, consider particular cases and help to make up the right search request.

Friday,Nowember 25, 2016

13:15 ISPO-Munich workshop «How to improve business effect of the participation in an exhibition?» The workshop in partnership with the international platform for sport business ISPO Messe-Munich which includes the world’s largest sports exhibition ISPO MUNICH, two leading sports exhibitions ISPO BEIJING и ISPO SHANGHAI in China, will attract marketing experts and share its experience of international exhibition company. The participants will find out everything about the planning of exhibition participation of their companies, assessment tools and improvement of efficiency. In addition, there will be an interesting part of the workshop dedicated to innovative technologies within the development, manufacturing and marketing of the products.