Round table «Orders by state-run companies from placement to execution – modern trends and evolution of state regulation»

Discussion issues:

Modern legal, infrastructural and administrative solutions for the procurement sector development. Light industry sector companies’ experience in the public procurement. Evaluating the client. What are the feasible perspectives in public procurement for small and medium-sized enterprises? How do light industry companies affect the development of the public contracts system?

Moderated by:

Viktor Evtukhov, Secretary of State, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Invited Experts:

  • Maksim Chemerisov, Director of the Contract System Development Department of the Ministry of Economic Development
  • Pavel Lazarev, Head of the Tender Documentation Preparation Division of the Auctions Department, Transneft
  • Evgeny Titov, Vice-President, Soyuzlegprom
  • Dmitry Turkin, Director General, Okrug
  • Dmitry Elnik, Deputy Procurement Manager, NPK (Research and Production Coporation) URALVAGONZAVOD
  • Artyom Starshinov, Head of the Procurement Department of Research and Technology Advancement NTR INTER-RAO-Center for Procurement Management
  • Aleksandr Utkin, Director General, Cotton Way
  • Anastasia Ignatova, Managing Director, Innovative Scientific and Production Centre of Textile and Light Industry
  • Sergey Shiryaev, Senior Vice-President, Chief Operation Officer, Vostok-Servis
  • Aleksandr Aryshkov, Deputy Director General, GK “Energocontract”
  • Irina Mitichkina, Head of the Centre for Procurement Management, Russian Railways (RZhD)
  • Andrey Popov, Director General, Tekhno-avia
  • Dmitry Shulman, Chief Operation Officer, GK (Group of Companies) “Integra”
  • Galina Dzhanbaeva, Head of the SPARK-marketing
  • Igor Rogozhin, Director General, Association of Developers, Manufacturers and Suppliers of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Andrey Grigoryev, Director General, Parizhskaya kommuna
  • Aleksey Uchyonov, Head of the Strategic Development and Project Management Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia
  • Aleksey Gospodarev, Head of the International Cooperation Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia
  • Olga Kolotilova, Head of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia