Debates «Contract manufacturing. Customers VS manufacturers or lost in translation»

Discussion issues:

What are the major problems and advantages of the make-to-order manufacturing development in Russia? Ways of attracting orders. Client’s needs and producer’s resources.

Moderated by:

Aleksey Grebtsov, Board Chairperson of “Rossiyskaya Outdoor Gruppa”

Invited Experts:    

  • Vladislav Moroz, Proprietor of Red Fox Company
  • Sergey Frolov, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, MPShO Smena
  • Vladimir Bogdanov, Director General, BASK
  • Tatyana Ivanova, Director General, Stayer
  • Vadim Vasilyev, Director General, Setila
  • Natalya Samyshko, Director General, OZ
  • Vitaly Tsygankov, Director General, Forvard
  • Evgeny Titov, President, Chaikovskiy Tekstil
  • Andrey Zharinov, Director General, Karo
  • Mikhail Ovsyannikov, Director General, Nevokhim
  • Aleksandr Andrianov, Commercial Director, Faradey
  • Pavel Kuryanov, Director General, Black Star Wear
  • Eduard Ostrobrod, President, Sela Corporation
  • Vladislav Ivanov, Deputy Director General, Termopol
  • Andrey Grigoryev, Director General, Parizhskaya kommuna
  • Claudio Martelli, TRIGON SELECT