Debates «Clothes for School: Problems in the Industry and their Solutions»

Discussion issues:

The participants are going to discuss problems concerning the notion of school uniform, including raw materials supplies, quality standards and standards of manufacturing.

Moderated by:

Maksim Protasov, Head of the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization “Rossiyskaya sistema kachestva” (Russian System of Quality)

Invited Experts:

  • Andrey Razbrodin, Head of Soyuzlegprom
  • Evgeny Tomak, President and Board Chairperson for the National School Uniform Manufacturers Union (Soyuzforma)
  • Vladimir Chirakhov, Director General, Detskiy mir
  • Elena Snytnikova, Deputy Director General, LAKIS, Project Manager for “Nasha forma”
  • Elena Saratseva, Deputy Director of ANO “Roskachestvo”
  • Viktor Chuchaev, Director, Tsentr SKS
  • Yliya Lopanitsyna, Director General, Chandolini
  • Elena Kosenkova, Director General, Pskov clothes factory “Slavianka”
  • Alla Yukhimenko, Deputy Director General, Chaikovsky Tekstil
  • Sergey Frolov, Chairperson of the Board of Directors, MPShO Smena
  • Elena Tiriakidi, Director of the Children’s Clothes Design Department, Ostin kids
  • Marina Sizova, Head of Production Department, Ostin