The annual All-Russian Light Industry Forum held by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation is a unique platform to sum up the progress of the industry, analyse conditions and perspectives, exchange experience and work out decisions for development.

The forum has been held since 2014 and has proven itself as a recognized and effective event which involves the participation of the representatives of leading light industry enterprises, governmental authorities, financial institutes, banking structures, retail companies, mass media as well as analysts and experts of both Russian and international level.

The forum of 2016

The role of light industry in Russian economy today and its prospects for the development tomorrow will be under consideration within the Forum which will take place on November 24-25, 2016.

This year the extended business program will consist of 3 parallel work directions. They include round-table discussions of relevant issues, vigorous debates between counter parties and working out of constructive solutions to sharp questions as well as a special project #LegpromAcademy within which through workshops the participants of the Forum will be able to get working models and instruments from international and Russian experts to apply them in business tomorrow.